On August 1th 2014, I began taking evening courses to obtain an Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems Degree at Western Governors University. This was made possible through the Department of Veterans Affairs Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation program. Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances, I was unable to complete my goals and dropped out of the program in the second semester.
Bachelor of Science, IT - Network Design and Management Emphasis
taken at
Western Governors University

First Semester (August 2014 - March 2015)

Course IWC1 - Literature, Arts and the Humanities

Passed (2 Units)

Course IWT1 - Literature, Arts and the Humanities: Analysis and Interpretation

Passed (2 Units)

Course CUV1 - Web Technologies

Passed (4 Units)

CIW Web Design Specialist Certificate

Course CRV1 - Networks

Passed (4 Units)

CompTIA Network+ Certificate

Course C183 - Operating Systems

Incomplete (6 Units)

Last updated July 3, 2015